About To Root Cantal Treatment


Root canal treatment carried out in a single appointment.

What Exactly Is Single Sitting RCT?

Single sitting root canal treatment is a new advance in dentistry, which has made root canal treatment painless & less time consuming. The single visit root canals are very common with the patients and dentists these days. In many special cases, we perform the entire root canal treatment in a single sitting and that too with an antibiotic coverage for about 2-3 days depending on the type of decay and oral health of the patient.

Indications When We Suggest Single Sitting (RCT)

The main reason why we suggest single sitting RCT is that the patient is in much pain and the decay is involving the nerves of the tooth. Some other prominent reasons include:
1. An injury has occurred in the teeth and it is at exposure to the nerve.
2. A severe sensitivity of the teeth is making it impossible for the patient to consume hot or cold liquid and even food items.
3. Non Vital teeth with no acute symptoms.
4. Near Pulpal Carious exposure requiring RCT Prophylactically.
5. When there is an acute infection with no pus accumulation in &around the tooth, root canal treatment can be completed in a single sitting Advantages of single sitting root canal procedure.
6. Less traumatic for the patient.
7. Less time consuming.