RCT Under Rubber Dam

Rct Under Rubber Dam

What is rubber dam?
A rubber dam or dental dam may be a rectangular sheet of latex utilized by dentists, particularly for root canal treatment, however additionally for things like tooth-coloured fillings. If you're allergic to latex, there are non-latex versions out there. In dentist-speak, the rubber dam is additionally stated as “a special waterproof for teeth”. This is often what it's like: Dental dams are available millions of totally different colors. Your medical practitioner uses an entire puncher to form a hole within the sheet for the tooth to be treated. most typically, the rubber dam is employed for passage treatment, and just one hole is punched. The sheet could also be marked with dots that create it easier to punch the opening within the right place. Your medical practitioner then puts the sheet onto a metal frame to form it easier to position it. a small clamp is placed round the tooth itself to forestall the rubber dam from slippy, then the sheet with the opening in its slipped round the clamp.