Impactions Under General Anaesthesia

General anaesthesia is administered in the hospital and it can be given by a dentist, nurse as long as they’re trained. Many types of drugs are used for general anaesthesia. A number of them are often indrawn whereas others are injected. There are times where more than one drug is used. Before you get anaesthesia, your dentist or your surgeon will check :
• your medical records
• any medications you are taking
• any of your allergies
• if you have used tobacco before
• if you have received anaesthesia before
Your dentist may have to talk to your doctor before you are given anaesthesia because there are some diseases and conditions that make general anaesthesia riskier. You should tell your dentist about any of the drugs or pills that you take. These would include :-
• prescription medication from your doctors
• vitamins
• supplements
• over-the-counter drugs like Tylenol
• alcohol
• street drugs